About us

About Us

Warriors Security security is an asset and personnel protection specialist company formed by former British Forces members with paramount operation experience. Our guard force is at cutting edge and delivers the highest professionalism and quality 24 hours, 7 days a week. To ensure that our force maintains this high standard we have very intensive, in house training programs alongside our industry standard qualification. Warriors Security security has the resources and experience in providing physical security to all sectors of the market nationwide.

Our Service Include:-

• Commercial Guard

• Industrial Guard

• Special Events (Speed Fencing & Events Security)

Installations (CCTV, Biometric systems & Integrated Security Systems)


Warriors Security is totally customer driven, we tailor make our services to the clients exact specifications, providing highly trained officers that are accredited with PSARA. We strive to ensure that expectations are not only met but also exceeded. Our course is to provide you with a total solution and a peace of mind.

Management and Supervision

We understand the importance of excellent supervision and have identified it as a vital part of our success. We believe in two types of supervision namely:

Operational Management

Daily and spontaneous visits are made by our area managers who are accountable for maintaining set standards that the guards sign upon employment which keeps up the good standards of service delivery.

Divisional Management

Regular visits for the purpose of assessing standards are being met and to liaise with the clients as part of Warriors Securitys operations by the Area manager of Warriors Security .

Security Systems

• Access Control Equipment

• CCTV Technologies

• Intrusion Technologies

• Fiber Transmission Technologies

• Biometrics & Card Access Systems

No matter how varied your business or personal requirements are, Warriors Security thrives to accommodate all your security equipment needs. Offering facilitation, consultation, equipment assistance, training and technical support are some of the ways in which we provide a warm relationship with our customers. For any query on our technologies please E-mail warriors.security@gmail.com and we’ll respond to you in no time.

Warriors Security Fencing

Having been in the events industry since 2008, Warriors Security Speed Fencing is tailor made to the clients specifications, we supply speed fencing to a broad spectrum of occasions ranging from concerts, sporting events to red carpet events. Our speed fencing is fast and easy to assemble with no expertise required to move it around. We provide our Security Services in the whole Of Dellhi and Out Delhi As well . Having been in the security industry since 2008 Warriors Security, thrives to have a master one stop security solution for our clients.

Warriors Security Event guards

We don’t only offer speed fencing for events, but further avail qualified and trained event security officers to manage crowd control for unlimited events. For any event we firstly asses the nature and scale of the event, should it be a presidential event then we would determine the quantity of dignitaries and consult with the local SAPS for the required backup. After assessments of the event have been conducted and a work plan has been concluded, our next step would be carefully select and screen a security team for that particular event followed by a briefing on the work plan for the event. Once the briefing has been done we then equip our event guards with the necessary aid such as:

• Warriors Security Uniform

• Hand Held Metal Detectors

• Torches

• Pepper Sprays

• Reflective Vests

• 2 Ways Radio

• Batons


Warriors Securitys vision is to be the leading security company in the country and believe with our firsthand experience to allows us to be the industry’s leading security providers.

We believe ownership comes with great responsibility. A Solid top structure is vital in our organization and adds value to every employee.

Company Values

The underlying corporate values underpinning the business approach of Warriors Security incorporate the following:

• Integrity and Honesty

• Innovation

• Customer Orientation

• Accuracy

• Enthusiasm

• Responsiveness

• Commitment

• Quality Service

• Reliability

• Creativity

Management Profile

Amritesh Kumar Tiwari (Proprietor)

Our Proprietor, Mr. Amritesh Kumar Tiwari serve in the Security Services for more than ten years in many operational environments, such as Gujarat, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Mumbai. He brings value to the company with the skills acquired from the military.

Why use Warriors Security?

Warriors Security is a well organized company and also BEE compliant

Warriors Security has the necessary resources and experience to execute any security Operation. Our guards are all carefully screened and trained at PSARA registered training centers.

Warriors Security security has extensive operational military experience within its management, serving with the solid management structure together with a professional guard force is what exclaims our commitment to businesses and organizations.